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Art and Workshops for children and families

The July “Family tour” (7th)… Let’s have fun at the museum


“Bamboo shoots” by Fukuda Heihachiro, 1947

When it comes to art and fun you can leave it up to Carole and Sophie!

Carole Glauser Pidoux (trained as a curator in Switzerland, currently PR manager for the Yamatane Museum) and Sophie Fort (French-American artist and animator of children -artworkshops) join their talents in a twofold visit for adults and children at the charming Yamanate Museum, “privatized” just for you:

  • While Carole guides the adults through the stories and mysteries of the paintings
  • Sophie brings the children to explore the wonders of the “Modern Nihonga” through observation and drawing games enclosed in a unique Art Treasure Hunt!

Fukuda heihachiro and the modern nihonga
The current exhibition focuses on Fukuda Heihachirō (1892-1974) works and the “Modern Nihonga” painters who incorporated the sensibility of the new age of the 1920s. As a colorist Fukuda Heihachirō is well known for his quest for fresh colors and forms that greatly spurred innovative styles and new modes of expression of artists active in the Taishō (1912-1926) and Shōwa (1926-1989) periods.

Registration and information: by email to Carole Glauser Pidoux, glauser-pidoux@yamatane-museum.or.jp

Address & Access: Yamatane Museum of Art, 3-12-36 Hiroo Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0012

  • Date :   Saturday July 7th, from 5pm to 6pm (after closing hours of the museum)
  • Meeting time: 4.45 pm entrance hall
  • Venue :   Yamatane Museum of Art
  • Age :    From 6 years old and above (teenagers will join adult group)
  • Admission : (at the venue) free for children 11 years old and below; Secondary and University students ¥800; adults ¥1’000.

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