les z'ateliers de sophie

Art and Workshops for children and families

En vitrine! Kids make the window display!

Vitrine par les enfantsDessin par Audrey FondecaveThe tree before the workshop03-IMG_778104-IMG_7789A wonderful audience
Demonstrating07-Bonpoint-Nov10th-6A game to play with a partnerEach one takes his turnIt never ends!11-Bonpoint-Nov10th-10
Totally absorbed14-Bonpoint-Nov10th-27Let's take the trainThe train goes down the stairs/hillsHide from the rain!Jump over the river
Materials for the workshop21-Bonpoint-Nov10th-1922-Bonpoint-Nov10th-2223-Bonpoint-Nov10th-2324-IMG_779425-Bonpoint-Nov10th-30

Bonpoint – Kids in the Window, a set on Flickr.

Un atelier mene avec l’illustratrice Audrey Fondecave. Une vitrine que l’on n’est pas prets d’oublier!

A workshop with French illustrator, Audrey Fondecave. Great fun for everybody!


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