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Junichi Nakahara from Shōjo Manga to Fashion (中原淳一 )

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Junichi Nakahara (1913-1988) was a prominent artist well-known for his illustrations, fashion designs, interior decorating and doll making. He started out as a dress designer and fashion illustrator and in the 1920s he was attracted to illustrating for Shojo magazines* and produced the cover art for several issues of “Shojo no Tomo” (Girls’ Friend) up into the ’30s.

His lyrical illustrations of young girls with big eyes were famous and people consider him as a forerunner of manga art. If you’ve seen his works you can feel there’s a quiet modernism that makes them just as contemporary today as when he created them.めっちゃカワイイですね!



Right after the WWII, a period of extreme poverty, Nakahara started up his own girls’ magazine “Soleil” and “Himawari” (Sunflower -1947) where he himself did the development, editing and design.  Years later, after a study trip to Paris, he launched “Junior Soleil” (1954) and in 1970…

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