les z'ateliers de sophie

Art and Workshops for children and families

Les films

En images, les seances hebdomadaires, a l’Institut Francais du Japon- Tokyo (Saison 2013-2014).
Follow the link to the movie showing the worskhops at INSTITUT FRANCAIS DU JAPON – TOKYO (2013 and 2014).


l'arbre de memoire, jade

Un petit film vous en dira plus qu’un long discours sur un atelier. Ici le theme : “aupres de mon arbre“, mené à Singapour avec une dizaine d’enfants pendant 12 séances (3 mois).

Parce que les arbres donnent envie de grandir!

Cliquez sur le lien THE TREE INSIDE ME/AUPRES DE MON ARBRE  et vous arriverez directement au film!


In English

The sessions:
Bridging art and nature, the children will observe nature and explore different artistic expressions. They will have a sensorial experience dealing with different medium: acrylics, watercolors, clay, wire, wood and natural things that they will be encouraged to collect. Famous artists’s productions will be presented to them opening their perspectives in term of expression. Evaluation, competition, “arty” expectations will stay at the door of the classroom. Children are merely encouraged to explore various Art form and their personal poetical worlds.

  1. •    Observation, sketching, collecting (watercolors, polaroid – making a leaf album)
  2. •    Tree of Life (1) (plywood child size)
  3. •    Tree of Life (2)
  4. •    Tree of Life (3) – family tree is delivered
  5. •    Texture and illusion of nature (canvas, acrylics and mixed media)
  6. •    Chosen seasons or A story in 3 frames (1) (with 3 different clays)
  7. •    Chosen seasons (2)
  8. •    Chosen seasons (3)
  9. •    Printing, stenciling (acrylic inks, flour paste, natural items )
  10. •    Tree of memory (wire, resine and natural items)
  11. •    Behind the window (glass/plastic painting)
  12. •    Deep in the forest with the elves (sculpture with natural things)

•    Including a WEEK-END walk in the woods to collect leaves, seeds…

Introduction to the parents:

The tree of life
Some days, when I was little, my best friend was the willow tree at the back of the garden. I could climb in it, hug it and hide on it’s branches! Until my parents had it cut down! I must admit I was 18 years old then, but how I hated them for that!
Since then, and now that I am living in Singapore I am surrounded by trees. They drop leaves, flowers, pods, seeds, fragrances, memories that inspire me… and help me grow!
If “Art is the tree of life” (quoting William Blake*), then let’s look at Art through it’s trees and by studying nature!
This workshop is the result of a long maturation (since I climbed up the willow tree!) and has for ambition to introduce children to 3D works using clay, wire, plywood, etc. being inspired by Asian, western, African art linked to nature in different aspects. The children will also develop drawing skills and eventually explore the poetical and playful aspect of Art.

I hope you will be able to join as a family the “field trip” that I plan to organize one of these week-ends (a Saturday or Sunday morning), somewhere at Mc Ritchie reservoir where you can read: I go to nature to be soothed and  healed, and to have my senses put in order*!

* John Burrough (1837-1921), American naturalist.


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